National Staff Engagement Forum

The role of  the National Staff Engagement Forum is to assist the health services to scope and develop a staff engagement strategy in the coming years which will directly influence and shape how we involve all staff in the design and delivery of services

Membership of the Forum is designed to accurately reflect the staff profile in the health service as shown in the  Health Service Personnel Census.  The Forum has 50 staff members from across health and social care services to ensure a proportional representation of staff and members from a strategic engagement leadership Group committed to driving the change agenda.

A core strand of our People Strategy, is to improve staff engagement across all levels of the healthcare service i.e. staff will have a strong sense of connection to the service and support team colleagues to deliver better outcomes for patients. Positive staff engagement is also a keystone of the new Framework for Improving Quality in Our Health Service.  

It is intended that the Forum will meet four times a year and be a place where the voice of staff for creating a positive place to work is heard and acted on.   The Forum is designed to provide a space to bring thoughts and ideas about how we can engage with each other more fully in our health service.  

There is evidence to show that staff have a unique insight into the challenges faced by their services and are often best placed to identify areas for quality improvement.  When given the scope to do so, staff input can lead to creative and practical solutions to the challenges we face. 

Staff in all roles, grades, age and geographic areas - nurses, care and support staff, health and social care professionals, administration staff, doctors, dentists, corporate management staff from all levels in the HSE and voluntary sector were invited to join the Forum. The introductory meeting of the Forum was held on June 22, 2016.


National Staff Engagement Forum

Pictures of National Staff Engagement Forum first meeting in June 2016

 To contact the Forum please get in touch with Libby Kinneen, National Lead Staff Engagement (HR) or Juanita Guidera, Quality Improvement Division Lead for Staff Engagement via / 091 775953. The National Staff Engagement Forum is a health service wide initiative.

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