Strategies & Reports

A range of HR Strategies and Reports are available to read or download by clicking on the links below. Please note documents are arranged by publication date.

HSE Health & Social Care Professions - Education & Development Strategy 2016-2019

HR Delivery Model (Draft) - Consultation Document May 2016

Health Services People Strategy 2015-2018 |

Health Sector Action Plan 2012 - March 2012

Guide to Workforce Planning for Managers - Oct 2010

Competency Framework for Workforce Planning in the HSE - Oct 2010

A Core Minimum Dataset for Workforce Planning in the HSE - Oct 2010

Mediation Pack for Health and Social Care Services - Feb 2010

An Integrated Workforce Planning Stragegy for the Health Services 2009-2012

Annual Mediation Report - 2009

The Education and Development of Health & Social Care Professionals in the Health Service, 2009-2014 - June 2009

Employee Wellbeing and Welfare Strategy - May 2009

Workforce Planning for Future Health Service Needs, March 2009

Summary of findings from survey of 2006-2009 graduates of a Post Registration Nurse Education Programme leading to registration as a Midwife.

Report of the Public Service Benchmarking Body - 2008

Linking Service Safety, Together Creating Safer Places of Service - Strategy for Managing Work Related Violence and Aggression -Dec 2008

Improving our Services - A Guide to Managing Change in the HSE - Oct 2008

Survey of 2008 Nursing Graduates - Where are they now?

National Implementation Group European Working Time Directive Report - 2007

Disability Strategy and Action Plan -2007

Report of the High Level Group on Health Care Assistants regarding the implementation of the HCA Programme - 2006

Action Plan for People Management in the Health Service - 2004

Report of Radiography Service Review Group - 2002

Report of the Joint Review Group on Psychological Services in the Health Services - 2002

Report of the Medical Laboratory Service review group - 2001

Report of the Expert Group on Radiography Grades - 2001

Report of the Expert Group on Medical Laboratory Technican Technologist Grades 2001.pdf (size 224.9 KB)

Report of the expert group on various Health Professions - 2000

Report of Expert Group on Cooks - 2000